Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to Fort Cochin

Good thing about early flight to Cochin at 6 am from Trivandrum was that we had the whole day to go around. The thing about Cochin is even though it is a big place; the life is only at Fort Cochin. A large part of Cochin seems to be industrial area. We booked an 'auto' for the day. It was cheap, convenient and fast for hop in and hop out.  

Our first stop: Mattancherry Palace of Fort Cochin

A Day in Trivandrum

The train trip from Alleppey to Trivandrum was relatively uneventful but an extremely noisy one. It was an open compartment which was not that bad after all as its a 4 hours journey. It was dark when we reached Trivandrum. The entire city was bustling with energy and life. We flagged down an 'auto' not knowing it was illegal. Passengers were suppose to get their tickets from an official booth beside the train station. 

Back to the 'auto' that we flagged down, the driver quickly shoved in all our bags into his 4 seater and asked us to cramp in. SORRY!! Even Criss Angel can't do that. He started haggling and rushing us in claiming that all of us will get into trouble with the police and most autos do not travel to the place that we had requested. But we refused to give in. A policeman seeing the standstill came up, shooed the driver off and showed us the booth. Not bad huh. No drama and it was plain professional. I mean comparing to all the eery stuff we catch in Bolly, Kolly and Tolly woods. And guess what the rate at the booth was 5 times lower. Phew!!! 

Moral of the story boys and gals: Do it legal! Hahaha!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Backwaters of Alleppey

It is incomplete to be in Kerala and not experiencing house boat and the famous backwaters. But as we had only half day in Alleppey on the second day over there we decided to opt for country board for a 4 hours trip. We had to catch the train to Trivandrum in the evening.

Subash and Uma efficiently arranged the trip for us even with the extremely short notice. On the second day in Alleppey, we enjoyed the eagerly awaited part of the trip. We boarded our rented country boat at the errr...big monsoon drain about 5 minutes walk from Ashtamudi Homestay. Ehm may be its a natural monsoon stream. Its smells septic, the water was black and I swear nothing can be living in that water other than death itself. Anyway a number of country were picking up people along this ehmm drain/stream. Eutrophication was thriving, sadly.

The view from country boat as we are leaving the drain/stream.
Signs of nutrient pollution - heavy presence of Water Hyacinth.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Next destination - Alleppey

The next destination was Alleppey or also known as Allapuzha. After contemplating between bus and taxi; we decided on the bus. The cost was like one tenth. We decided to leave Alleppey by the first bus which passes in front of Rose Gardens at 6 in the morning. We said our goodbyes to the host and fellow guests we met in Rose Garden the night before during dinner. That was one of the beauty of Rose Gardens. Tomy and Rajee host dinner for all the guests at the same time. So we had the opportunity to meet guests from Canada, UK, Australia, US and Germany chatting away till late night; sharing stories and light hearted moments. And of course undeniably the most favored topic - politics. Anyway I digress.

Back to the bus journey from Munnar to Alleppey; it was a ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exploring Munnar

Despite we knocked out into slumber land at Rose Gardens home stay due to exhaustion from bumpy 7 hours bus ride from Ernakulam to Munnar, touring Tomy's plantation and attending Kalari marshall art show all on the first day; it did not stop us from waking up early to catch the sunrise. 

The Viewpoint was about a 10 minutes walk from Rose Gardens - our intended place to catch the sunrise.

The Viewpoint snack shop which was still closed during sun rise hours.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Day In Cool and Cosy Stay in Munnar

Rose Gardens Home Stay - as the name sake we were welcomed by some rose plants at the entrance. This is place is truly garden within garden. I am not a botanist and will not be able to explain about each plant. So enjoy some of the photos I took in the Rose Garden's garden. It was more of plantation extending couple of acres and fully utilized. 

Rose rose I love you....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fort Cochin to Munnar

We woke up to a hot and humid morning in Fort Cochin. Our host, Usha, arranged for us to stay on the 2nd floor. The stairway leading to third floor brought me to an open platform. So I had the chance to get a shot of warm glowing sun rise and a deep breath of fresh air.

Morning sun at Fort Cochin from Kovil Home Stay.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Kerala Trip - March 2011

Ok time to run it through and through. As mentioned in the earlier post which you can check it out here, we hit the trip with ...tadada...(drum rolls). Ok I cut the chase....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going For A Trip

I am just done clearing, organizing and 'adjusting' hundreds of pictures taken during my Kerala trip in March. So it is ready for posting. That reminded me of a conversation with some friends couple of weeks back. They practically think that I have cash stashed away in Swiss for traveling so ever frequently. Well you know I am not traveling business under my company's expense. I am traveling with my hard earned cash.

(Actually I am done with tidying up Kerala pictures a month back. I just did not get done with completing this post. So was the discussion - it was longer that a few weeks back)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Sunny Day in Kota Kinabalu - Part 2

Luckily the 3rd day it was bright and sunny. I love SUN!!!
Anyway its weird that now we have a public holiday gazetted for Malaysia Day. Which is literally to celebrate the day Sabah and Sarawak joined Peninsular Malaysia but we still need special entry forms. But sorry you can't overstay above 60 days. Strange but true Malaysian can't overstay in Malaysia. Anyway who am I to say?

Back to the trip; check the photos below a comparison between a rainy 2nd day to a sunny 3rd day.

Taken in the morning of 2nd day from the balcony of our rented unit. 
It was raining the whole day. 

Same place but taken on the sunny 3rd day. 
Now you see why I love SUN so much?